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Terms and Conditions

Action Eczema is an educational website primarily for the benefit of European healthcare professionals. Action Eczema is supported and maintained by Siyemi Limited, incorporated in England and Wales, 5883995, registered office: Manchester Technology Centre, Oxford Road, Manchester, M1 7ED, UK. Registered for VAT: GB 892 3912 94.

The content on the Action Eczema website is for educational purposes only and cannot be taken as recommendation for any therapy or course of treatment. While great care is taken in developing and editing the contents of this website, medical science is constantly changing, and there is always the possibility of human error. The views of the contributors to this website are not necessarily those shared by Action Eczema nor of Siyemi Limited. Neither the advisers, contributors, nor the providers of editorial services to whether a division of Siyemi Limited or a third party, will assume any legal responsibility for errors, omissions or any other shortcoming of the information, nor for any claims or third party losses that might occur, or be caused by the use of the information on this website.

Information about pharmaceutical products, medical devices or diagnostic products may not necessarily reflect their licensed indications, doses, or uses as approved by the manufacturer, or licensed by the authorities; please refer to the manufacturer for full prescribing information or licensed uses - these may also vary between countries.

Any submissions for use on this website is done so on the understanding that the owner or author grants Action Eczema perpetual, but not exclusive rights to use, reproduce, publish, translate and distribute such content. The inclusion of any educational material in this website is at the sole discretion of Action Eczema and its Editorial Committee. Unless explicitly stated all material is ©Siyemi Limited and Action Eczema and permission must be sought and gained for any use or reference to material on this website. It is acceptable to link to Action Eczema with permission, however it is unacceptable to present content in a frame or on a different site so that users are unaware that they are accessing the Action Eczema website.

While every effort is made to maintain an uninterrupted service, there may be times when the website will not be available due to maintenance. There is also the possibility that web pages may contain omissions or unintentional errors. Please report any inaccuracies, misrepresentations, omissions, or broken links.

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